Peppi Heinikainen

From neutrality to non-alignment

Most Member States of the European Union are part of NATO military alliance. There are, however, a few EU members that are not part of NATO. These states are still part of the ...

Peppi Heinikainen - 10.4.2019

Peace union: providing for peace?

”Never again.” The European Union was set up as a union of peace that would prevent wars from ever again occurring in Europe. In addition to creating peace and ...

Peppi Heinikainen - 15.1.2019

Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) – a new beginning for increased cooperation in EU defence?

There have been multiple times when various people have called for more cooperation in the EU defence and security sector. Last year, a step ahead was achieved when the Member ...

Peppi Heinikainen - 9.10.2018